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One Scoop Publishing is a new publishing company created in 2021 with the goal of publishing a series of books that inspire young readers.

The first book released is called I Can Play Too

A young girl named Mimi wanted to play hockey like her big brothers. But no girl had ever played hockey in her town. When her parents put her in figure skates, she was more interested in the hockey players on the other rink. Will Mimi get to play hockey?

Based on a true and inspiring story from Olympic Gold Medalist and Hockey Hall of Fame member, Cammi Granato

As a child, Cammi Granato fought for the right to play hockey. She would not only succeed, but she transformed the sport she loved. In 1998, Cammi captained the US team to a Gold medal in the first ever Women’s Olympic hockey tournament, captivating the sporting world. She would go on to be the US women’s all-time leading scorer in international hockey. In 2010, with Angela James, Cammi became the first woman ever inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. In 2019, she was hired as the first female NHL scout for the Seattle Kraken. Cammi lives in North Vancouver with her husband and children.

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Illustrator Dom Granato

Dom is an artist and a hockey player. He grew up making art everywhere and anywhere. He played hockey at Tufts University where he studied engineering and took art classes, which inspired him to get a Masters of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts. Now he does art for a living and still plays hockey on an LGBTQ+ team in San Francisco, because he can play too.

Fun facts about the book

The book was completed mostly in 2021.

Like Mimi, both Cammi and Dom (and many other members of their family) wore #21.

In Mimi’s first face-off, she faces off against #8, in honor of Angela James, the other woman that Cammi was inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame with in 2010. Angela and Cammi often faced off against each other throughout their career as they played for rivals, the Canadian and American Women’s Hockey teams.

In the final endpage, where other girls are playing hockey with mimi, one of the girls is modeled after Kendall Coyne Schofield from when she dazzled in the NHL Allstar Skills Fastest Skater Competition.

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